The Dog Training Academy

Heidi Olivier

Instructor & Owner

Heidi Olivier has been involved in dog training for the past 11 years, working with various breeds in various disciplines such as puppy classes, obedience (beginner through to advanced levels) and agility.

          Heidi is currently doing a nutritional course through Hills and is a KUSA (Kennel Union of South Africa) steward.

The bug bit after she decided to take her staffie-pitbull cross Thunder for some obedience training. Although Thunder has now past on, she ended up working in advanced obedience, agility and manwork. She also passed her Bronze Canine Good Citizen Test as well as her Silver Canine Good Citizen Test.

Heidi now owns and works two Border Collie crosses. Zeta is on her way to becoming an obedience champion and once mature, an agility superhero. Cindy, although young, is showing some fantastic promise as an agility dog.

  •  Liscenced Animal Wrangler
  •  KUSA (Kennel Union of South Africa) steward.

Heidi has completed the following certificates and seminars.


Institution: Ethology Consultancy and Technikon Pretoria

Period:                                2002

Course:                               Certificate Companion Animal Behaviour

(Passed Cum Laude)


Institution: Ethology Consultancy and Technikon Pretoria

Period:                                2003

Course: Advanced Certificate Companion

            Animal Behaviour(Passed Cum Laude)


Institution: Canine Culture

Period: 2003

Course:Obedience Instructor’s Course

            (Passed Cum Laude)


Institution: Oxbridge Academy

Period: 2005

Course: Diploma – Veterinary Studies

            (Passed Cum Laude)


Workshops attended:Canine Aggression with Dr Quixi Sonntag

Coping with Human Animal Interactions with the ABC (Animal Behaviour Consultancy)



Instructor & Owner

Penny's greatest joy is being able to teach people to communicate with their dogs.

She shares her life with four dogs - a Labrador x Boerboel, Australian Shepherd, Standard Poodle and a Yorkshire terrier(R.I.P- BUDGET). The rest of the menagerie consists of a parrot, various rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, longhaired Belgian guinea pigs and a husband.

Another family member was recently added, we think he's a Border Collie. I picked the dude up from the side of the road. "Scud".(6 June 2011)

From a young age dogs have been Penny's passion and she is now able to pursue this interest full time.

Penny works her Aussie ( Midas) in agility and obedience and has qualified to compete in A test obedience. 

Penny works her Std Poodle (Gaia) in Agility and Obedience. 

Penny's Lab x Boerboel (Jezebelle) has completed advanced obedience classes and has a KUSA beginners qualification. 

Penny instructs in Randburg and Florida, where she is qualified to teach all levels of obedience, agility, clicker and puppy classes. Penny's services also extend to private training, on-site training and behaviour modification.

On the formal qualification side Penny has undergone the Canine Culture Instructor's course and the Canine Culture Behaviour course achieving merit passes in both. 

All of Penny's training methods are positive reinforcement based and she has a passion for clicker training and tricks that teach body awareness and improve fitness.

Penny aims to make training a pleasure for both dog and owner.

  •  Licensed Animal Wrangler
  •  KUSA (Kennel Union of South Africa) steward.
  • contributed articles to Animal Talk Magazine.

Penny has completed the following certificates and seminars.

Institution:  COAPE


Course:Diploma in the Practical aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour (CDP DIPCABT Advanced Diploma)




Institution: Canine Culture

Period:     2007

Course: Obedience Instructor’s Course

              (Passed Cum Laude)

Workshops attended: Animal Behaviour Consultants -Dr Ian Dunbar