Scud was an unexpected addition to our family and at a time that I could least afford another dog both time wise and financially.

He came into my life a month ago on one of the coldest days of the year. (1 June 2011)

I had taken a very sick Gaia to the vet and was on my way home when I spotted a guy on the side of the road with a box full of pups. 6 Pups, 5 female & 1 male.

I thought I could drive off with the lot when he put them in the car but, sadly, the intersection was too busy and I would not be making a quick getaway without a huge panel beating bill. He wanted R70.00 a pup and I did not have enough to buy them all and I did not want to encourage this practice!

I went home and contacted rescue organisations with varying degrees of success and some out right disinterest!

I wanted to check on Gaia, who was staying overnight at the vet, and decided to check up if the guy was still there. He was! Only one pup left! Shivering at the bottom of a dirty box was one male pup. It was dark and freezing and against my better judgment I gave the man R20.00 for the pup.

Went straight to the vet to get him checked out and vaccinated, with every intention of finding him a home.

Spent some time with Gaia and tried reeeallly hard NOT to bond with a cute & apparently fearless puppy that weighed in at a whole 2.5 kg.

 Dr Elshove and I geustimated his age as between 6-8weeks, closer to 6.

I phoned hubby dearest and told him I had a surprise.

I arrived home and let the pup follow me under his own steam ( I WILL NOT bond with you) All hubby had to say it the moment was “ I thought you were bringing pizza”.

Love that guy!

Before the evening was out he said “ Maybe he should stay”

Now I know why I married him!I said “Under No circumstances can we have another dog!”

I listed all the cons chapter and verse and left the pup sleeping on his head.

It is one month down the line……….. Scud has found his forever home!